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» Comics - Chapter 4 Prologue Page 4 - April 1st, 2010, 5:12 am

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The Management Says:
GuineaPiggy, April 1st, 2010, 5:12 am ( Reply )

More walls of text. You know, when the dialogue is spread out on my notepad, it really doesn't look like that much =[ HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN.

Poor misunderstood Cama. She's actually quite benevolent :C


Dana: LOL, I got lazy xP thanks, I had to figure out some way for them to look different 8D

Flynfreako: Heehee, thanks ^^ he's confuzzled.

Kuragari: Totally, it needs more love ;[

Metal: Thanks! I didn't want to make this the average boring school lesson x3

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User Comments:
Kuragari, April 1st, 2010, 7:48 am ( Reply )

You know, Im starting to hate the Celestias more and more. No, I don't have a problem with Christians, provided they are not pushing their religion on others.

I side with Coelia!! Long Live Coelia!! Long Live Cama!!

peanutbutterpancakes, April 1st, 2010, 10:33 am ( Reply )

This is so intense... I don't think I could create an entirely unknown world with it's own history and stuff... that's amazing.
Also, I kinda agree with Kuragari... the saints are kinda mean. I've never really liked the whole missionary concept... But I like the characters so I'll get over it.

NekoKira, April 1st, 2010, 11:27 am ( Reply )

Poor Cama, I like her much better! She looks cool and nice! D:<

flynfreako, April 2nd, 2010, 4:29 pm ( Reply )

ah that makes sense... i feel bad for the coelians >.<

metal weirdo100, April 2nd, 2010, 7:08 pm ( Reply )

Oh wow, that is cruel.

Good! I've had enough boring school lessons, >.>''

koopakween, April 6th, 2010, 4:35 pm ( Reply )

OHHH now it all makes sense ^^
(ah, now i feel bad for them too D: )

missycurlylove, June 6th, 2012, 10:02 pm ( Reply )

so they gave up there culture to be like earth because some crazey lunitic of a queen had hallucinations. I have lost a lot of respect for the saints.

kumikoangeloflight, July 4th, 2012, 12:38 pm ( Reply )

@missycurlylove: hahaha

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