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Additional Characters

Rose Rain
Rose is Violet's older sister. She's a college student majoring in Astronomy, and she's very intelligent. Besides her brains, Rose is also a very caring person. She worries for her little sister, but can't quite get Violet to have a good conversation with her.

Neela Rain
Neela is Violet's strict mother who is also a guidance counselor at St Paul's (Violet's school). She basically acts like "Miss Perfect" and expects her family to be the same way. Violet's lack of good grades causes her to have shame in her daughter.

Red Rain
Red is Violet's father. He's a professional stage actor who inspires his daughter. He and Violet have a close relationship, but it begins to break apart after the "big fight". He hates being hard on her, but its difficult when his wife urges him to.

Cookie is Violet's silly bichon frise. His main purpose is to stand there and look stupid/cute. Somehow manages to follow Violet into Celesta, where he will meet his new animal friends! He also chews on bunny toys.

Gingerale is Francis' beloved cat and head of the Cuddle Brigade. She can either be seen directing her fellow animals or comforting Francis during stressful times. Gingerale and the other animals invite Cookie to join them.

Tyler Aceline
Tyler is a close friend of Violet and Francis' cousin. He's very intelligent and loves to be #1 in school. He always seems to have a chip on his shoulder, mostly because both Dana and Violet piss him off. He later falls for Dana.

Dana Owen
Dana is another close friend of Violet. She's a fancy lady on the outside, but inside she's pretty nerdy. She strives to be the best in her class, and often gets into fights with her rival/crush, Tyler, who she later starts dating.