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Once upon a time, there was a kind young lady named Violet Rain. Okay, that's a lie. Between her failing grades, strict mother, and rejective friends and family, this girl was anything BUT kind. Recent events stirred up her emotions and bad temper more than ever, causing her to possibly destroy any relationships she had... not to mention, her reputation. Only one person dared to even go near this mess-of-a-girl and offer his help: her best friend, Francis.

The two embark on a journey to Francis' hometown so that Violet will have a chance to get away from her miserable life and strengthen herself inside and out. Unfortunately, her dear friend forgot to mention three very important things about this escapade. Number One, his hometown isn't in another country, rather... on another planet called Celesta. Number Two, this poor planet is facing a civil war between the partially terrestrial "Saints" and the native "Coelians". Number Three, her best friend actually happens to be... the Saintly King of this war-torn planet! After realizing this, Violet begins to distance herself due to feeling "unworthy", either because of her social status OR because she bares a strong resemblance to the enemy race. Francis still offers to straighten her out by giving her a set of tasks, but it doesn't help that he hands her over to the eccentric General of his military for disciplinary action. Chaos pursues when Violet is forced to obey the orders of someone crazier than she is and her relationship with her best friend begins to deteriorate due to further separation... Or does it?

Distress will be experienced, tragedy will be witnessed, and sad caterpillars will frolic in the lands of Celesta. Emotions never felt before will come to surface as these rough times pass. Are the curses of this planet going to tear two best friends apart, or do the unexpected: bring them MUCH closer together?

Celesta (formerly known as "Coeli") is the sister planet to Earth as it is inhabited by extraterrestrial humans and shares the same orbit as Earth (though this information is covered up by our governments). The population consists of the native race of the planet known as "Coelians", and a race of "Saints": a hybrid of Earthlings and Coelians. Over time, the royal throne has been overrun by the Saints, causing tension between the two races (since the natives consider the royal family to be "stained with terrestrial blood"). Eventually, war broke out due to the Saints supposedly having an unfair advantage over the Coelians. More Information can be read here: "More About Our Planet"

Name: Vicky aka GuineaPiggy
About: GuineaPiggy is a poser
manga artist who is searching
for the meaning of life. She also
likes guinea pigs. If you'd like
to stalk her, please visit the
following websites:

Brushes and tones were provided by the following sites:
Obsidian Dawn
Sunira on DeviantArt