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Chapter 8 Page 48
Chapter 8 Page 48

Etc. page is done.

Hey ya'll! I finished up fixing the Etc. page. It includes an art gallery, art by others, author info, and links.

Be sure to check out the other mangas posted there, such as Remote Angel and a few from the DREAM crew!

Have a nice weekend! <333

posted by GuineaPiggy on 11 Sep 2009 03:38 am   ||   0 comments

New Banner!

I finally got my banner up (after all these months) so now the page looks more inviting (I think D: ). I will be adding stuff to the Etc. when I find the time, such a gallery and fanart. Look forward to it :D

posted by GuineaPiggy on 31 Aug 2009 01:57 am   ||   2 comments